Leanna Archer, 20 years old CEO !

''I had nothing to lose, because I figured that if it didn't work out I still had my whole life ahead of me.''

LeannaLeanna Archer is a young entrepreneur who makes hair product. She decided to begin her own business after she received some compliments about her hair.

She won her first million at 16, and today her firms is valued more than 5 million.

Her secret formulas have been passed down through her family for generations and are free of sodium lauryl sulfate and parabens, chemicals which are considered health risks. `’Our products contains no oil filters, no synthetic ingredient, , no chemically-engineered ingredients,” she said. Her advice to small business owners: ”All new entrepreneurs should know that mistakes are a big part of success.”

If you are looking for the key to the success, go check on Leanna’s twitter Leanna




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