The 14 year old who turned down $30M now wants $50M for his start-up

RecMed First Aid Kits was founded in 2014 by Taylor Rosenthal, an 8th-grade student at Opelika Middle School (Alabama) and a member of the school’s Young Entrepreneur Academy, a joint venture between the school and the Opelika and federal Chambers of Commerce.

Taylor is now in 9th-grade at Opelika High School, and serves as CEO for RecMed. As an athlete himself, Taylor initially got the idea for a “pop-up” medical shop from his parents, both of whom work in the medical field. Over time, Taylor developed the idea into a more mature venture. After applying for and later receiving a patent for his invention, Taylor began recieving various business offers, including a pending order from a major amusement park for RecMed’s first 100 units. More recently, Taylor gained some notoriety after turning down a $30 million offer for RecMed and its products, was featured in Inc. Magazine’s 2015 “20 Teenage Entrepreneurs Set for Success”, and has been asked to appear on several national TV and radio broadcasts.

Outside of RecMed, Taylor attends high school, plays various local sports (he’s an avid Notre Dame fan), and hangs out with friends and mentors at Round House, a local startup accelerator and co-working space.









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